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10-Things you should know about Coolsculpting

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10-Things you should know about Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting or Cryolipolysis is not a new phenomenon, as it was first introduced in the latter part of 2010. It is estimated that over 700,000 similar treatments have been performed worldwide. Below we’ve compiled a list of 10 things that you should know about Coolsculpting.


  1. How does it work?

Fat cells can self-destruct themselves when skin gets cold. The coolsculpting procedure involves suction in the skin around the area where you want to freeze your fat, then comes user controlled cooling to drop temperature through which fat cells die. Later, the body gets rid of fat cells within weeks.

  1. There is a chance of uneven removal

You should know that there is a slight chance of uneven removal. Since the procedure involves a vacuum-like head that suctions the skin in to freeze it, so there is a risk of uneven removal.

  1. Several treatments might be needed

One treatment is often said to be enough, but that’s not the case with everyone. You might have to opt for multiple treatments depending on the requirement. Make sure to discuss your plan in detail with your doctor before you enroll.

  1. It’s not permanent if you’re not determined

Don’t expect your fat to disappear forever. A healthy lifestyle is a must to retain shape.

  1. It is time consuming

It takes an hour to treat each section, and there might be multiple sections involved, so be prepared for it.

  1. You might experience numbness

You might experience treatment-induced numbness. Frozen skin disturbs sensation of superficial nerves that result in numbness.

  1. Slight bruising is to be expected

Since the area has been pulled, hauled, and pinched during the process. You might experience mild bruising.



  1. Complete results need a month to show up

This varies from body to body as each patient reacts differently to the Coolsculpting treatment depending on body type. Full results might take up to 1-2 months to show.


  1. What should be my expectations?

Averagely, around 20-25% reduction of fat in the treated area If there is no weight gain during the treatment. For best result, you must avoid weight gain during the procedure.

  1. You might get bored

Each contouring session usually lasts for an hour. Therefore, it is advised to bring something to keep yourself occupied. You can bring a book, or even your laptop to get your work done as other parts of your body go freezing.



A healthy lifestyle is necessary as results are entirely dependent on your commitment. If you maintain a proper diet and exercise routine alongside contouring, then your result will be ideal and permanent.

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