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Advantages of Testosterone Therapy

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Advantages of testosterone therapy

Advantages of Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy sounds a lot like the Elixir of life or the fountain of youth. But what exactly is it? As guys age, their testosterone levels tend to decline. Testosterone binds the protein throughout our body and brain, which helps control different bodily functions.

If there is not enough testosterone in our body, symptoms like low libido, weak erections, low muscle mass, and low overall energy often show up. A condition called hypogonadism can also surface if our body doesn’t produce enough testosterone.

Testosterone therapy is usually advised to people having low testosterone levels due to medical conditions. Testosterone can be supplemented in various forms such as an injectable, an implant, patch, a tablet, cream, or gel.

If you’re diagnosed with low testosterone levels or have any of the symptoms, then you should consult a doctor, as testosterone therapy can prove to be life-changing.

Following are the advantages you can expect after a testosterone therapy:


Improved sex drive

Low testosterone levels usually result in low sex drive. Androgen receptors located in our brain stimulate sex drive and when there is not enough Testosterones to activate them, a significant drop in sexual desire is experienced. Therefore, T-therapy usually results in a healthy sex drive.


Increased muscle mass

Our muscles are particularly very responsive to testosterone. The reason is the same, as androgen receptors are also found in muscle tissues, testosterone is required to activate them to kindle growth. That doesn’t mean you would automatically gain strength, because even though it is true that it increases testosterone levels, resulting in increased muscle mass, but to develop strength, you will still have to work out.


High energy level</2>

Brain fog and fatigue is the most reported symptom that comes with low testosterone levels. It is yet to be understood how testosterone increases energy levels. One theory suggests that Testosterone directly affects mitochondria – responsible for producing energy within cells. And as majority of men report rise in energy levels after testosterone therapy, therefore, making it a proven fact.


Improved mood

According to a study published in The Aging Male, in the first 12 months of testosterone therapy the percentage of guys with moderate to severe depression decreased from 17 to 2 percent. Many other studies share similar results.

If you’re wondering whether testosterone therapy is right for you, then it is advised to consult with your doctor first. After conducting several tests, your doctor will be in a better position to guide you whether or not it is a suitable option for you.

Testosterone therapy is usually advised to people suffering from low testosterone, due to different medical conditions. However, remember that Testosterone therapy is just a shortcut, there are numerous ways to improve testosterone levels naturally.

One Response to Advantages of Testosterone Therapy

  1. Julius Wither Amberfield says:

    What I found most interesting was how you said that testosterone therapy helps in the increase of energy levels because according to a theory, testosterone directly affects the mitochondria. Although it’s considered a theory, we can’t ignore the fact that it affects energy levels and that was what my brother was concerned with the most. He’s having problems with his married life and his work life because of the drastic drop in his energy levels. I think trying out this therapy will help him, so I’ll share this with him. Thank you.

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