Before CoolSculpting treatment things you should know
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Before CoolSculpting treatment things you should know

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Before CoolSculpting treatment things you should know

Medical Weight Loss understands that the battle to reach and maintain a healthy weight is highly personal, as well as that one-size-fits-all diet programs or surgery may not be the right answer for you. Well, Weight loss is complicated; and it can be affected by stress, sleep quality, and various other factors.

Need not to worry, Surprise!!! Yes, you are at the right place, Medical Weight loss Center NYC, offering you the best Coolsculpting treatment, which assists you to get rid off of unwanted fat from your body. Also, you can reduce fat from a particular area of the body. But before your appointment with Coolsculpting, there are some important things that you should know first:

1. Is CoolSculpting for everyone?

Well, No… Unfortunately, eligible candidates are people who are about 10-15 pounds from their goal weight within their stubborn fat area.

2. What areas can you treat?

Interesting, the main body areas are under the chin, arms, bra roll, tummy, love handles, above the knee, inner and outer thigh.

3. How much is it?

This depends on how many areas you treat and how many times you decide to treat the area. And, there are so many “deals” you can get out there, but we only recommend going to a doctor or plastic surgeon. Also, they offer some great discounts like the more areas you get treated the bigger the discount.

4. What does it feel like/does it hurt?

Its common on very first treatment was uncomfortable because you have no idea how my body would react. But actually, it doesn’t. And, you want to wear loose-fitting clothing for a few days!!

5. What does it feel like?

Moreover, it feels like you’re sitting outside in the middle of winter and someone took a vacuum hose and stuck it on your stomach. And, it is called Cool Sculpting so most people get cold! Also, the suction squeezing is what hurts more than the cold in my opinion.

6. How long does the procedure take?

Well, Good news is the procedure is only about 30 minutes per area! And, you will be able to do my love handles at the same time which is so nice.

7. How much Coolsculpting takes time to see results?

As mentioned above, this is the perfect time to start CoolSculpting. And, after each area is treated it takes about 90 days to see the full results. Also, after about 45 days you can decide if you want to treat the area again.

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