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Benefits of B12 Shots | Jackson Heights, Queens NYC

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Benefits of B12 Shots | Jackson Heights, Queens NYC

The facts suggest that B12 deficiency is very common among the people who take stomach antibiotics or acid-altering medications on regular basis. In such a case, people are advised to take the B12 shots that have numerous benefits on the patient’s body. The shots fight the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency like the fatigue, poor moods, weakness, and low concentration and revitalize the body for the daily chores.

Doctors recommend B12 shots because of the benefits it offers to the patients. It is easily available at Medical Weight Loss PC in the Jackson Heights. You can visit us for the infusion at the best prices and enjoy numerous benefits of the treatment.

Have a look at the benefits of B12 shots to know why doctors recommend it to the patients:


  • It can improve the body metabolism and can even prove to be helpful in reducing weight.
  • It regulates the hormone production and gives more energy to the patients.
  • It is known to reduce depression, dementia, and cognitive decline.
  • These shots have also proved to be beneficial in restoring better mood control, preventing depression, and retaining proper mental functioning.
  • The B12 shots can protect the heart from cardiovascular diseases that can be a result of the elevated homocysteine levels in the body.
  • It takes care of fetal development during pregnancy.
  • The shots are capable of treating anemia, converting macronutrients, producing creatine, reducing muscle weakness and hence, lowering fatigue levels.
  • It improves the lower sperm count in males and treats diabetic neuropathy.

    Dr. Pervaiz Qureshi recommends patients to take the B12 shots once they see the symptoms of B12 deficiency like lethargy, chronic fatigue, joint pain, muscle aches, etc. Along with the B12 shots, patients must also take foods that are rich in vitamin B12 like organ meats, pasture-raised poultry, wild-caught fish, etc.

    Medical Weight Loss PC also treats patients from the areas like Woodside, Long Island City, Astoria, Queens Village, Long Island, Fresh Meadows, Jamaica, Kew Gardens, Forest Hills, and Hollis. Get in touch with us and book your appointment for the free consultation.

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