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Chelation Therapy Benefits | Jackson Heights, NY

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Chelation Therapy Benefits | Jackson Heights, NY

The procedure of chelation therapy was developed during the 2oth century, as a way to deal with metal poisoning, and is usually a type of medical treatment that is used for removing different type of heavy metals and various other toxins from the body. This type of treatment is followed by using an IV, although oral methods have been shown to be effective in some patients. During the procedure, EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), is administered in order to adhere to the toxins in the body, which are then flushed out with urine. The word “chelation,” from Greek mean “claw”. However, there are various chelation therapy benefits, and following them makes an individual live a healthy life. Here are some of the noted benefits of this type of therapy.

    Helps in reducing Fatigue — Physical and Mental

When the body is harboring toxins, even in amounts considered safe, it can make an individual feel physically and mentally tired and foggy. An individual may feel that he/she is lacking the energy that one once had or are not intellectually as sharp as they wanted to be. When heavy metals like that of lead and mercury are removed from the body, these symptoms are automatically minimized, and both energy and concentration levels bounce back to the same level.

    Lessened risk of stroke and heart attack

Apart from removing the toxic metals from the body, chelation has also been shown to reduce scar tissue and plaque in the arteries. This type of removal helps in lowering the blood pressure, which in turn can reduce the risk of both heart attacks and strokes. These types of reductions are most pronounced in patients who suffer from diabetes, as well as in patients who take up high doses of vitamins and minerals.

    Eliminates pain and swelling

Undergoing scientific studies it is yet to be concluded, the EDTA used in chelation therapy has shown to act similarly to an antioxidant in few people by scaling back the various damages done by oxygen ions and other free radicals. This helps in reducing the inflammation and various types of pain associated with it.

    Helps in lessening the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

As it is generally said that, chelation therapy helps in reducing plaque in the body, and plaque is considered a main cause of the onset of Alzheimer’s. Opting for this kind of therapy offers an individual with the scope to stay healthy and lead a life free from worries. There are various chelation therapy benefits, and choosing the right option indeed proves to be the best for one. Therefore, if an individual is willing to lead a healthy life, then opting for such therapy indeed proves to be beneficial.

Opting for the right treatment will help an individual to lead a happy and healthy life without suffering from various diseases as well. Choosing the best therapy will help an individual to lead a life free from worries and tensions without suffering from any kind of pain and disease.

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