Chelation Therapy for Heart Disease | Jackson Heights, Queens, NY
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Chelation Therapy for Heart Disease | Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

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Chelation Therapy for Heart Disease

Chelation Therapy for Heart Disease | Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

Every day we intake several things that may or may not be beneficial for the heart health that leads to the accumulation of several toxic metals like mercury, iron, lead and arsenic in the body, causing plaque. This leads to the blockage of coronary arteries. Chelation therapy for heart disease is the best treatment to get rid of these metals. Since the heart is a very vital and delicate organ, the therapy must be done by the experts who are well-versed with the procedure, owing to its inherent risks.

Medical Weight Loss PC is known to be providing the best chelation therapy for heart disease. The treatment reduces fatigue and lowers the risk of stroke and heart attack. It is also found to be quite useful in treating diseases like autism and Alzheimer’s disease. The chelating medicine is given to the patients through an intravenous (IV) tube in the arm which removes artery narrowing plaques from the body. The best part of the treatment is that you don’t have to undergo any surgeries.

You can avail our services in Jackson Heights and nearby areas like Kew Gardens, Jamaica, Forest Hills, Queens Village, Long Island, Fresh Meadows, Astoria, Woodside, Long Island City, and Hollis. Get in touch with us on our official website and book an appointment with the doctor. We will provide you a free consultation.

Apart from the chelation therapy, we offer Coolsculpting- an effective and non-surgical treatment of eliminating unwanted fats from the body to obtain a perfectly-toned body. Also, we provide IV Hydration treatment to rejuvenate your bodies with lost minerals, nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes, and water for rehydration. Get in touch with us so that prior to the treatment, we can customize the treatment plan according to your body requirements. We assure that you won’t be disappointed in our services.

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