Chelation Therapy for High Cholesterol | Jackson Heights, Queens, NY
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Chelation Therapy for High Cholesterol | Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

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Chelation Therapy for High Cholesterol

Chelation Therapy for High Cholesterol | Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance found throughout the body that helps in producing hormones and building cells. While some cholesterol is beneficial for the body, there is bad cholesterol (high levels of LDL cholesterol) that causes various heart diseases. It has been surveyed that cardiovascular disease is the major cause of deaths globally. And why is this so? The answer is ‘plaques’. Now, the question arises, how are plaques formed?

Most of the humans are exposed to large no of toxins that enter into the body and accumulate in the bloodstream, forming plaques. This narrows the blood flow passage causing heart ailments. Chelation therapy for high cholesterol is an effective and safe treatment to restore vascular health. The accumulation of toxic metals also contributes in increasing the levels of cholesterol. The chelation therapy for high cholesterol improves the blood flow to all the organs of the body. The binding agent EDTA binds the metals together and helps in removing them from the body. The ultimate effect of the treatment is to restore the artery health and to improve the blood circulation to various organs of the body including heart.

Medical Weight Loss PC offers this treatment to the customers at a really affordable price. Basically situated in Jackson Heights, we provide our services in adjoining areas like Kew Gardens, Jamaica, Woodside, Forest Hills, Long Island, Queens Village, Long Island City, Fresh Meadows, Astoria, and Hollis too. Get in touch with us on our official website.

Get a free consultation with the doctor by booking an appointment on our website. You can discuss your requirements with the expert before taking the treatment. Our doctor is an expert in performing the chelation therapy. Connect with us and you will know the difference. We make sure that you are perfectly satisfied with our services.

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