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Coolsculpting – Does It Work?

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Coolsculpting – Does It Work?

Coolsculpting also referred to as cryolipolysis is an FDA approved non-invasive fat-reduction treatment. Despite maintaining a balanced diet and performing rigorous workouts, the stubborn fats in certain areas of our body always seem to resist the efforts. Coolsculpting uses a controlled cooling method which successfully eliminates the fats. Understandably, those who are unaware of Coolsculpting would find this too good to be true. So, let us probe deeper and find out if Coolsculpting really works.

The Coolsculpting procedure

The Coolsculpting procedure involves using freezing temperatures and targets the fat cells. The surrounding tissues and the healthy cells are left unharmed. The Coolsculpting specialist will vacuum the skin just above the fatty tissue with the help of an applicator which in turn cools the fat cells. Consequently, the fat cells die and they are gradually eliminated from the human body naturally. Usually, a Coolsculpting session should not last more than one hour. The procedure being non-invasive, the patient can immediately resume their normal activities. It can take around 4-6 months for the fat cells to get completely eradicated. However, after the first session of Coolsculpting the fat of the targeted area will visibly decrease by an average of 20-25 percent.
We are sure that you are feeling excited after learning these facts. Meanwhile, you can also read about the Coolsculpting applicators.

The effectiveness of Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting has a high success rate. Those who have undergone Coolsculpting sessions have managed to reduce the adamant fat deposits successfully. The biggest USP of Coolsculpting is the minimal side effects. The individuals undergoing Coolsculpting should not expect a complete fat removal. Additionally, Coolsculpting may not work for some. It is important to maintain a disciplined lifestyle while undergoing the treatment; else even after Coolsculpting the desirable fat reduction will not happen. So far, research conducted for determining the effectiveness of Coolsculpting has indicated that this is a rather safe and effective treatment for fat removal. The destroyed fat cells would never reappear and thus the results are long-lasting.

Side effects of Coolsculpting

As already mentioned before, side effects of Coolsculpting are very low. Studies have confirmed that very few people have reported complications. The most common issue experienced by people is numbness in the treated area. Some other side effects may include bruising, swelling, localized pain and sensitivity.

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