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CoolSculpting for Men ! Call-(347) 305-7766

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CoolSculpting for Men ! Call-(347) 305-7766

Before taking a look at men CoolSculpting, you should first know what it is?

Well, CoolSculpting, which is a nonsurgical fat reduction treatment that eliminates fat cells through a targeted cooling process known as cryolipolysis. And, we allow physicians to target smaller treatment areas with CoolSculpting.

Moreover, Cryolipolysis, the process behind CoolSculpting treatments is targeted cold therapy. Also, Researchers discovered that fat cells freeze when exposed to extreme cold well before other types of cells. Thus, when frozen, fat cells crystallize and die, and then they are metabolized as part of the body’s natural elimination process. And, CoolSculpting allows clinicians to target stubborn areas of fat, freezing the fat cells until they break down without causing damage to other tissues.

                                    Is it possible for men to do CoolSculpting too?

The answer is, Of course, they can! At our clinic we have a team of professional doctors; we love to cater to our male clients. In reality, we even have a CoolSculpting treatment room dedicated exclusively to our male clients, you can ask them. Moreover, Men can enjoy the benefits of CoolSculpting while relaxing in an upscale spa environment, watching sports and news on 3 flat screen TV’s, and even sipping on a spirit of choice.

                                  What areas do men treat with CoolSculpting?

Well, our men commonly treat their abs and love handles with CoolSculpting. And, they need help to reduce that excess fat on their stomach and love handles, however, don’t want, or are simply too busy for the downtime associated with liposuction. Thus, amazingly, CoolSculpting is a great fit for these men as it literally had ZERO downtime. Also, they can come in, have abdomen and love handle CoolSculpting, and return to work and normal exercise the same day.

More significantly, Men can also treat their chests/breasts with CoolSculpting. And, also known as “man boobs”, excess fat of the breast area, can be a problem for many guys. Further, CoolSculpting can reduce the fat in this area without surgery or downtime.

Besides, our male clients also treat their “double chins” with CoolSculpting. And, the chin is a common area that we treat at our medical clinic.

To sum up, CoolSculpting is an effective, long-lasting way to achieve a smoother body contour. Furthermore, the procedure does not involve anesthesia, incisions or downtime, and results can be permanent if you maintain a healthy weight after treatment. So, don’t waste your time on searching, get an appointment today for you sculpting and love the results.

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