Health Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy In Jackson Heights, Queens, NY
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Health Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy

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Health benefits of IV Hydration Therapy

Health Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy

We are all aware of the importance of hydration. However, we often overestimate our hydration levels. Most of us are unaware of the fact that the healthy food we eat and drink is only partially absorbed. IV Hydration Therapy allows instant delivery of essential vitamins and minerals to different parts of the body with complete absorption and benefits as it goes through the digestion process. A true relief for people with digestive issues.


We have compiled a list of several advantages that come with IV Hydration Therapy.


  1. Its instant

When we drink fluids, it first goes through our digestive system and then is gradually absorbed into our bloodstream. Then after several hours, it is absorbed by the large intestine.

IV therapy skips the whole digestion process and provides instant relief, mostly in the first 30 minutes.

  1. Easy on digestive system

Oral rehydration can prove to be hard on the digestive system. It often requires a lot of water at one time, and not all of it can be absorbed.

Our body often gets dehydrated. Illness is the most frequent reason. With sickness comes nutrient deficiency. Not all can be replaced promptly through the oral method as high amount of nutrient makes it difficult for our digestive system to absorb. IV therapy makes it easy to recover those essential vitamins and minerals.

  1. Catered as per your need

When you opt for IV Hydration Therapy, you get more than saline hydration. You can ask to add other useful ingredients as per your body’s requirements. Add vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory agents, anti-oxidants, and other drugs. Purpose of the therapy is to bring your body to its 100%.

  1. Improved cognitive function

When our body gets dehydrated, it directly affects our cognitive ability; resulting in poor concentration, performance, and memory function. While oral hydration would take days to bring the body back to its optimal level; IV hydration can do the same in few hours.


  1. Helps in waste removal

Our digestive and urinary systems require proper hydration to carry out the waste removal process. If our body is not properly hydrated, our kidneys will filter less waste. IV therapy can help the body detoxify itself through proper hydration.


  1. Healthy Hair and Radiant Skin

A proper IV Hydration Treatment will hydrate your hair and help them in getting the nutrients they need for their healthy growth. It is rich in minerals and vitamins, especially Vitamin C, required for a radiant beautiful skin. It also tightens and brightens your skin along with protecting it from the harmful UV rays.


  1. Safe Weight Loss

The fluids and nutrients during the IV Hydration Treatment are directly given into your bloodstream, leading to maximum absorption. If done properly, it can lead to healthy weight loss and help your body in proper functioning.


  1. Dealing with Stress and Mood Swings

You can even get rid of the unexplained mood swings with this treatment. The IV Hydration therapy has a calming effect on our nerves and is known to be quite effective bringing down the stress levels and boosting your health naturally. The therapy also helps you in fighting nausea, frustration, and fatigue.


  1. Remedy for Hangover

IV Hydration therapy is the fastest natural hangover cure that fills your body with a potent combination of electrolyte fluid to charge you up in no time.


  1. Improved Immunity

The IV Hydration therapy hydrates your body quickly and relieves you of discomfort. The healing process gets accelerated and the immune system becomes stronger. It maintains a healthy balance of essential nutrients in your body for detoxification and better digestion.
IV therapy has its own set of benefits, but it is not ideal to overly rely on it. A healthy lifestyle is the best way to ensure optimum wellbeing.

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