Immune System and Stress | Jackson Heights, Queens, NY
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Immune System and Stress | Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

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Immune System and Stress

Immune System and Stress | Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

Do you often catch colds, flu or other infections easily? If yes, then perhaps stress is the reason behind it. Wondering how? It is because the high levels of stress weaken the immune system. No matter how well you look after yourself, but if you take a lot of stress, eventually your immune system is going to weaken. This is what increases your chances to get sick.

The immune system is your bodyguard, protecting your body from invaders like viruses, infections, etc. You really don’t want to upset it. Right? Then why take stress? Although a little amount of stress is good, e.g. – in situations like pulling your hand from a burning object, etc. but we shouldn’t let it overpower us. Our immune system is directly linked to the stress levels. Sometimes problems at work, in life, etc. may cause stress, leading to increased levels of stress hormones which lead to many health problems.

The stressful situations trigger the chemical reactions and result in the secretion of stress hormones, which interfere with the immune system and result in reduced white blood cells, inflammation, and a higher susceptibility to infections and tissue damage. The immune system and stress always travel opposite. Higher the stress, lower is the immune health. Keeping in mind the fact that how important the immune system is, Medical Weight Loss PC offers various services to enhance the immune system.

Get in touch with us on our official website to avail our services. Though we are located in Jackson Heights, we also provide our services to the customers living in neighboring areas like Fresh Meadows, Jamaica, Forest Hills, Long Island City, Hollis, Astoria, Queens Village, Long Island, Woodside, and Kew Gardens. Book an appointment with us to get a free consultation. We make sure that our customers are fully satisfied with our services.

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