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IV NAD therapy | Contact Us at (347) 305-7766

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IV NAD therapy | Contact Us at (347) 305-7766

NAD is usually a coenzyme that empowers metabolic processes and also impacts a wide variety of systems taking digestion, cognition and mental clarity, aging, and overall energy levels into consideration. NAD increases body’s serotonin level, and is also a neurotransmitter which is associated with mood regulation, and can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

There are various benefits of following IV NAD therapy. It not only helps an individual to lead a happy life but also helps in eliminating the pain. A 2014 study published results of IV NAD therapy and neuropathic pain. They found that administering NAD intravenously helped reduce pain up to 2 days after the last injection. Even though this study was done on mice, it’s impressive nonetheless.

Boosting your NAD levels will allow your body to heal itself better from injury, especially when it comes to the regeneration of your blood vessels. Diabetic patients are at risk for developing blood vessel damage due to high blood glucose levels. This type of damage may lead to atherosclerosis, or the hardening of your arteries. Not only will NAD promote healing of your insides, but it may also reduce your risk of heart disease.

NAD is different from typical treatment options because:

1. It is natural, compared to toxic pharmaceuticals which mostly harm your brain in the long run.
2. It is restorative. NAD helps your cells heal and helps with cellular biogenesis.
3. It is protective. NAD has shown to be neuroprotective.

Therefore, if an individual is willing to have a perfect life for oneself and get the right treatment then availing such procedures can indeed prove to be of great help. Choosing the right way will help an individual to get the correct assistance without any kind of dilemma or fail in the treatment.

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