IV Therapy for Migraine Headaches | Jackson Heights, Queens NYC
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IV Therapy for Migraine Headaches | Jackson Heights, Queens NYC

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IV Therapy for Migraine Headaches

IV Therapy for Migraine Headaches | Jackson Heights, Queens NYC

The migraine headache can become a hurdle in your daily performance. In fact, you can feel unable and helpless to perform any of the simplest daily chores because of the ongoing disabling pain. People, who have a migraine, also experience nausea as a result of the severe pain. It might not be life threatening but it can definitely hinder the quality of your life. If you are someone who has to deal with the severe headaches every now and then, then you must go for IV therapy for migraine headaches that is known to give immediate relief.

IV therapy gives a fast relief from the pain through a blend of medications. It targets the proteins that cause the migraines. Once these proteins are blocked, the patient gets instant relief from the pain. It is cost-effective and time-saving. In fact, it also saves a lot of money and takes nearly an hour for the completion. The best about the IV treatment is that it remains effective even after one month of the treatment.

If you are dealing with the chronic migraine pain that resists leaving your body, then you must visit our Medical Weight Loss PC that is located in the Jackson Heights. We have our patients who come from our nearby areas also like Kew Gardens, Queens Village, Fresh Meadows, Long Island, Astoria, Long Island City, Woodside, Jamaica, Hollis, and Forest Hills.

Our Dr. Pervaiz Qureshi is an experienced doctor who has been offering his IV treatment to the patients. Patients from far off areas in New York also visit the clinic for their treatment. We have helped many patients in dealing with a migraine. You can book your appointment with us and visit us for the free consultation. We will first examine your body and then customize our treatment as per the need.

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