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IV NAD + Boost Therapy

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IV NAD + Boost Therapy


Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is an important coenzyme of Niacin (Vitamin B3) that naturally occurs in every cell in the human body. It has got to perform numerous vital roles in our body like converting energy within the cell. It also repairs the damaged cells and reverses oxidation effects in our body.
The level of NAD in the body declines with age but proper supplementation may improve a variety of changes. The decreasing levels of NAD+ are an essential factor in the aging process. If your cells do not have NAD, they won’t be able to metabolize fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids. NAD is an essential substance that you can ever give to your cells turn back time, improve athletic performance, restore energy, reverse depression bring back clarity of thought, etc.
The benefits of NAD are countless. The IV NAD therapy has been found beneficial in curbing cravings for drugs and alcohol even if you are the most addicted human on earth. The treatment restores nutrients lost in substance abuse and promotes brain repair. If you have healthy cells, you will be stronger.
The IV NAD Therapy is gaining popularity because of the outstanding results it offers being a natural therapy. It can help you fight the signs of aging, addiction, and chronic fatigue. The therapy infuses NAD directly into the patient’s bloodstream and ultimately boosts the energy levels of the body.


What can IV NAD Offer?

  • Boosted Metabolism.
  • Reduced Pain.
  • Lower Risks of Heart Diseases.
  • Strength to Fight Fatigue.
  • Ability to Overcome Addiction.
  • Reduced Aging.
  • Improved Brain Power.
  • Improved Depression and Mental Clarity.
  • Restoration of Muscle Function and Athletic Performance.



Our IV NAD formula contains 250 ml 0.9% sodium chloride with 500mg of NAD which is infused. The NAD IV treatment combines IV fluids and NAD for brain restoration, enhanced energy, mental clarity, anti-aging, and addiction detoxification.

Also, a Myers cocktail is a boost which is given after NAD to enhance the results.


Bookings and Cost


The patient has to book one day in advance. The treatment gives the best results if it is performed for 3 days in a row & 4 hours a day.

The total price for the treatment is $2100.00.

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