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Ozone Therapy

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Ozone Therapy

A normal oxygen molecule has two molecules of oxygen, but ozone has three. This extra molecule is what makes ozone different and more effective as an alternative cancer treatment. Cancer cells die when exposed to oxygen (cancer cells are anaerobic). Ozone works by getting more oxygen into the tissue cells of the body. This process also stimulates the repair process of the body by allowing it to create new cells faster and more effectively.

The medical use of ozone-oxygen therapy is also gaining momentum in cancer plus as well as treatment of other diseases and health conditions. Research suggests a benefit for treating the un-wanted side effects from conventional treatment which includes radiation complications and burns, osteonecrosis, wound healing and infections. There is data demonstrating that this treatment can have direct properties in various cancer models (i.e. anti-cancer), immune system effects, metabolic effects (i.e. improved antioxidant defense) and protective effects on tissues.

IV Ozone Therapy | Benefits

1. Ozone helps the immune system.
2. Ozone allows for increased uptake of oxygen. Ozone works with the hemoglobin in the red blood cells. The extra oxygen in the blood allows the blood to give off more oxygen in the body. This increase in oxygen supply in the body acts as an alternative cancer treatment by supplying oxygen into the oxygen-depleted cancerous areas of the body.
3. Ozone helps with circulation. Ozone improves the blood flow throughout the body allowing the blood to reach every cell, delivering the much-needed oxygen.
4. Ozone improves antioxidant protection. Patients with many chronic diseases have antioxidant deficiencies. Ozone has shown that it can improve this.
5. Ozone acts as a mitochondrial stimulant. Ozone can improve the bodies ability to convert carbohydrates into energy. This allows the body to work more effectively.

Tackling Diseases
Another proposed benefit of medical ozone is supporting the fight against various illnesses. Many patients with Lyme disease or ulcerative colitis swear by the alternative treatment, at least in combination with conventional medicine.

Our IV infusion has shown to be safe and effective. Combined with a Myers cocktail solution, it adds valuable nutrients to your blood and whole body.

Time: 30 min
Recommend to infuse before high dosage vitamin C

$75 per treatment
$75 Myers cocktail push

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